"Producing... What Others Just Promise"
Porting & Polishing Service: F-Series, CrossFire, & Sno Pro!
The easiest way to gain REAL Horsepower for just  $495.
Expect a  Serious REAL Horsepower Increase, and this does work well with
the Aftermarket Y-Pipes etc... that many people already own.

Now Available:  F8 Kits for your F7 EFI.  In case you couldn't tell from the
announcement above... HRE has added EFI to it's list of things conquered.  
Pricing on the F8 kit will remain the same as the carb model.  

Hot New Item:  (Pro Racing Secret Revealed)  Ultra-Light Windage Plates
For All Arctic Cat Driven Clutches (Pre-Diamond Drive)
Only $69.00  Call the shop for details.

New Service: We're now offering our signature Driven Clutch Mod to the public.  
One of the ways we get a dominating holeshot....  Package includes Lightening,
Trueing & Balancing for standard Arctic Reverse Cam Clutches.  We generally
remove 1.5 to 2 full pounds of rotating weight  $199.00 (Bearcat Style $259).

Check out our "Formula 500" page for tips & parts for the fastest growing class in Racing!

We would like to thank all of our customers for the support this year and we look forward to
making people go faster and faster for many years to come.  We thank you for doing the research
and deciding to put your trust a company with a proven "on-track" record of winning with
consistency and raw factual numbers, versus some of the very phony, and frankly, very funny
alternatives.  Fortunately for us,
Honesty goes a long ways on race day.  As always, we encourage
anyone interested in the highest performing Snowmobile Engines, Chassis, or Components to do
your research... and start by asking a racer.

If you are looking for information that is not on the website (We aren't really into computers so it's
never 100% up to date... Please call the shop:  603-863-0049.
PJ Wanderscheid - Pro Champ Racer
Powered by Hooper Race Engines
4-Time World Champion Ship Winner
Gary Moyle - Pro Champ Racer
Powered By Hooper Race Engines
World Championship Runner-up
PJ Wanderscheid -  Eagle River World Champion
Becomes the FIRST 4-Time World Champ in Oval History!

Hooper Race Engines Wins 6th World Championship!
Breaking News at HRE...
We'd like to announce that we will be building a limited number of
4-cylinder engines.   Ranging in size from 1000cc to 2000cc.  
With Monster Horsepower and Torque.  Call the Shop for Details.

Our Lake Race & Trail Predator Triple Packages continue to be in
very high demand and we look forward to adding these
4-cylinder engines to our already potent offering of dependable
high performance engine packages.
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